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Hatchery exterior

The Hatchery Building includes a wet lab, dry lab, a cryopreservation lab, a spawning/hatching room, and a harvest bay.  Fish and crustacean species spawned in this facility include: paddlefish, largemouth bass, koi, tilapia, freshwater prawns, crappie and others.

Dr. Tidwell Instructs Students
Dr. Tidwell instructs students.

The harvest bay has four (3290-liter) flow-through raceways that hold species during spawning and harvest.  In the spawning/hatchery room 16 (114 L) conical bottom larval collector tanks are connected using flow-through de-chlorinated city water and contain 16 McDonald hatching jars.  It also contains six (2839 L) round metal holding tanks for Paddlefish female brood fish, held for hormonal injections and monitoring.

Harvest Bay Paddlefish in spawning tank
Counting Fish in harvest bay Larval collector tanks
Nathan Cochran looks on as
Dr. Gomelsky fertilizes
Koi eggs
Dr. gomelsky fertilizes Koi eggs.

The cryopreservation lab is designed for research on the freezing, storage, and thawing of fish milt and consists of two MVExe 34/18 cryogenic storage tanks, two Planer KRYO 10 series controlled rate freezers, and a Milton Roy Spectrophotometer.  This lab also contains equipment for water quality analysis.

Cryo Lab
Wet Lab

A wet lab is used for research of freshwater prawns and largemouth bass larvae and contains two recirculating tank systems, one consisting of 12 (288 L) square flat bottom tanks and 12 (68 L) round conical bottom tanks.  This lab includes an Artemia napalii hatching room.

The dry lab is equipped with a full water quality lab with oxygen and CO2 analyzer and is set up for blood analysis.  Equipment includes an IDEXX Vet Stat Electrolyte Blood Gas Analyzer, Vet Test Chemistry Analyzer, IDEXX Vet Lab Station, and Osmometer. 

Dry Lab
Student Feeds Bass
Student feeds baby bass.