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The Shrimp Greenhouse is configured for replicated temperature studies. It is equipped with 18 (3500-liter) conical bottom tanks run through with either recirculating heat pumps and biofiltration or they can be converted for flow-through reservoir water. The system can run three different temperatures with three replicated tanks at each temperature.

This greenhouse also contains
12 (174-liter) square flat bottom research tanks maintained by heat pumps and bio-filtration. Five  (1514-L) round flat bottom tanks are used as holding facilities and are controlled by floating heaters and bio-filtration. Heterotrophic production studies on both marine shrimp and tilapia are also conducted in this facility

Prawn GreenHouse Interior
Greenhouse at Night

Caring for prawns can be a 24/7 job.


Student Removes Prawns from tank




A student removes Pacific white shrimp from the tanks.






Shrimp seldom stay still for closeup photos.



closeup photo of a prawn
Student nets prawns




Catching shrimp takes some practice.