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KSU Aquaculture's Extension Program

KSU Reaches Out to Kentucky Counties

Research information is of little practical value unless it is communicated to producers in a useful and understandable form. Training and extension programs serve as the primary means of transferring this knowledge from researchers to the end users.

KSU Aquaculture Specialists are integrated into the UK Cooperative Extension System. Specialists are housed in western Kentucky at the McCracken County Extension Office in Paducah (Forrest Wynne, and in central Kentucky at the KSU main campus
(Dr. Bob Durborow).

An Aquaculture Information manual has been prepared by the KSU Aquaculture Program. Copies of the manual were sent to every county agent (120) in Kentucky. This initiative was supported by Program of Distinction funds.

Dr. Bob Durborow

Forrest Wynne