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KSU Aquaculture Videos
Cameraman Graphic(


staff and students net fish in tank







Sustaining Our Seafood
(2011, 13:45) NEW

Catfish Harvest
(2009, 2 minutes)

The Aquaculture Experience TV Spot
(2008, 30 seconds)

The Aquaculture Experience - Students in KSU's Aquaculture Master's Program (2006, 4 min.)

Strange Bedfellows: Polyculture of Tilapia & Freshwater Prawns
(2004, 23 min.)

Pond to Market:Freshwater Prawns in Kentucky (2003, 13 min.)

Cleaning Water - Growing Fish
(2007, 8 min.)

Freshwater Shrimp Farming:
A New Crop for Kentucky

(2002, 1 hour)

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